it sucks to be lonely sometimes. my dam has broke and im back into this pit of self pity and the only thing that keeps me going is music and animating(which i dont do enough). oh well, in a week ill be back to my hateful lazy ways, and look back and find all of this self pity and loathing, retarded and unnecessary. poo


the mirror series

so i took down the mirror that has been hanging on the wall forever, in the most useless spot and just laid it against the wall. it doesnt look pretty just sitting there, but theres more of use now, that being my artistic expression, whatever that is. heckle...so here it is. a few of hopefully more, of this new series of mine. i still need to put up my toilet sketches.


no hyphy

ever.. here are some sketches from weds sketchcrawl with friends. and the last one is a random page from my old sketchbook. surprises are nice. and i need to explore the world i live in. for a guy living here practically his whole life, i know nothing about san diego. what an ass.


finally punk.

maybe not but these ladies are pretty awesome.



hmm.. break is good. trying to have fun and be productive at the same time. sketchcrawl today was amazing, thank you watanna and ryan for being completely real dudes and drawing the day away. i got some ok sketching done. hopefully ill find the strength to scan them in, but for now i have this digital sketch i did at tea and more.

observation is key, WEIGHT + BALANCE = POSE
i wish i can skate sometimes...


if i fell...

it would probably hurt. well, its been a while but ive been working crazy hard this last months, and id love to share some still froms my 3d studio teams short "beggar"(i guess thats the name). these are looking pretty good, but i feel the whole thing seemed rushed, 10 weeks. or maybe were all just lazy bums, i dont know. but the story could be a whole lot better, i feel thats our main weakness. not properly developed, just came up out of a whim and some shitty sketches. it wasnt even properly storyboarded. most of the shots and ideas were made up on the fly, which can work sometimes, but as students its not an excuse. and now we have a week and a half to render the whole thing, and its been hell using mental, but since we have no story, might as well make it look pretty!!..hahah(tears..). im just glad this quarters almost over. time to dedicate this coming break, resting up, learning, animating(2d hopefully), and funzies..maybe for realzies.