peter lorre is god

this is a really late update but heres a dialog test for my character animation class. this isnt the final, and theres more tweaks i need to do with the mouth. so far im pretty happy with how far i took it. id love any comments or critiques from any weary wanderer. also its not suppose to be that dark but thats youtube for yah!

update!..im just getting giddy on how this is looking..the animation came out alright but ive been going crazy about the composition and mood of the shot. haha im more proud of that than the animation. heres a little sneak peek..off to render!


keepin it treh real son

charles bronson
carter family
brighten this blog up with some music. i love everything


hobo ho hos

heres some character concepts for hobo jo. i really like how these came out especially the bad kids so MAYBE!.. ill stick with these and try doing some animation with them. ive been getting back to hand drawn animation and ive been having some fun, so ima try to do more. these are for business of animation by the way and it is a terrible class.


speedly boop bop

whoa..another update..thats like 3 so far..thats a personal record if i must say. im quite proud of myself. so a new splurg of crap from yours truly. i used up all the small watercolor paper today in one big painting session. ill just so the alright stuff. maybe one day ill show the crap..doubt it. and the big is a whateve. last one is and oldy. hope you likey?..whoever looks at this..which probably is just me!..i like it natedawg...thanks me!!




yo. ive got nothing really new to show so ill show some old stuff from school and whatever. here yah go!


another beginning

Alright here i go starting anew and hopefully ill keep it up this time. with one difference though..IVE GOT DRAWERINGS! most of these are pretty recent so please enjoy. hopefully soon ill have some of my animation up. and also i highly recommend animationpodcast.com. its a wonderful site full of interviews with animation powerhouses such as Andreas Dejas and Glen Keane.