fat chicks suck..

most of them at least. its been a pretty busy spring break so far and its only been like 3 days. fat chicks..booze..dancing to god knows what.. more fat chicks..gallerys..books..etc! i got the anient book of myth and war and three trees make a forest and they are both totally awesome!!!..i thank my friend eric for going with me to la for the gallery and watanna for letting my loser ass hang with his buddies...so heres some crap ive done recently..from the comments i see that people dont give a poop..so poopy poop poop butt. laterz


pump up the digital dump

more stuff.. trying to add more texture.. im getting more comfortable with this idea of pigments of light so maybe i have a chance in this crazy art world!..syke!!! oh well.. i hope you guys like as much as i dont!


tuff tukus

well ive been pulling these out of my ass lately so i might as well put em out here. i SHOULD be animating but these were way more fun. ooo and i saw the cartoon modern book at barnes and noble..possible birthday present :D aug 23!!! hahaha. the book kinda sparked the kid painting. if anyone has seen the movie M, than youll know the last painting of him hiding from an angry mob of crazed criminals(cuz he kills little girls... oh peter lorre). everything else is pure poop


uh yeah uh.

been busy with my character animation final. ive been giving myself a good hour to do some digital sketches so here it goes. color and composition is hard mang! enjoy


color me badd

ive gone pretty crazy about my character animation final that ive done a color script of it to find the mood and what colors work and heres what come up. keep it sweet and simply.


its been a while...

since i posted so i feel i need to do so. nothing much going on though. ive been drawing lots of hands and i hope to put some of them up once i stop being lazy and scan them..so for now heres a little nugget of poo i did the other night. enjoy