if i fell...

it would probably hurt. well, its been a while but ive been working crazy hard this last months, and id love to share some still froms my 3d studio teams short "beggar"(i guess thats the name). these are looking pretty good, but i feel the whole thing seemed rushed, 10 weeks. or maybe were all just lazy bums, i dont know. but the story could be a whole lot better, i feel thats our main weakness. not properly developed, just came up out of a whim and some shitty sketches. it wasnt even properly storyboarded. most of the shots and ideas were made up on the fly, which can work sometimes, but as students its not an excuse. and now we have a week and a half to render the whole thing, and its been hell using mental, but since we have no story, might as well make it look pretty!!..hahah(tears..). im just glad this quarters almost over. time to dedicate this coming break, resting up, learning, animating(2d hopefully), and funzies..maybe for realzies.


Blogger Thecartoonguy said...

yup so heres the comment i promised you looks cool i like the faded window look on the building. hope to see the finished vid

8:12 PM  
Blogger maiko nishikawa said...

i love this more than i love you. haha just kidding nathaniel. you're awesome :]

9:49 PM  

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