well..here i am again. ugh.


hardcore powerhouses

government warning

career suicide

i need to see both of these bands before i die


doo dooo do do dododo do do dooo

music should always be this fun.


the vicious

my new favorite band. some good ole fashion Swedish punk rawk.


peepe la fritz

hi friends. its been a pretty boring week but im sure work will pick it up. just here to drop some thumbnails of a possible matte painting i hope to complete. well i have to because im taking a painting class so, im hoping itll be fun. so here yah go, and the last one is from a family get together i went to. i have such an amazing family, i feel so lucky to so have some awesome people around, even though i dont see them as much. and i have the cutest most brutal nephews, and i will fight anyone that argues this( and get my ass kicked).

bad ass uncle.. nuff said.


i love my moleskin...

and my moleskin hates me! ive had it for less than a week and im almost done with it. went to disneyland yesterday and drew stuff. it was fun, just hanging out with friends and going on thunder mountain 4 times and almost getting thrown out.

on a more serious note, ive rediscovered the greatness that was Mr. Rogers, thanks to Dylan. He still so powerful in my adult life now where i really feel the pressure of reality sink in. Ive felt that ive taken a lot for granted these past couple years, and now that school is coming to a close, all i can say is that im scared. Truely frightened of what the real world holds in store for me. I've always felt safe inside my home cuddled away in my bed, but sooner or later i must get out there and live out my own life, but that first step will always be hard. I guess, i just dont think i can do it. Then, i see this video of Mr Rogers good bye, and i see a best friend that i havent seen in such long long time. Someone that i've need for soooo long to tell me how unique i am, and that there will always be someone to guide you when the world seems so cold. And it brought tears to my eyes, because i saw how much he cared for me. I really felt that he was talking to me, and i just want to hug him and thank him for how much hes done for me as a child and an adult. but with that, i cant take my family or friends for granted. They have always been there for me, but lately ive just been so stubborn and self centered to realize that. i need to get off my high horse and start letting people in and in turn i just want to be a better person when i set out on my own.

thank you Mr Rogers



school starts tomorrow, im really tired of this place, and im glad and sad that ive got one more quarter to go. as far as this break has gone though, ive been productive, but i dont think in the way that will help me with school. but fuck school yah know. ive been painting, sketching and trying to do some 2d animation. i havent touched any 3d crap, and at this point im pretty much over everything ive done last quarter. not to say that im proud of the stuff ive done up to this point, but i kinda want to start fresh, but i have no time for that now, so ill just suck it up and go back to my old stuff and try my darnest to polish the poop out of those. good luck.

well for now, heres some watercolor garbage.



for fun

im bringing back the hobo in a big way. well not really but, this was fun. the girls kind of a dick in this one though. shes got a little attitude on her, but it'll work in her favor in the long run. but the little ones need to be checked every once in a while, and our homeless friend knows this.


we who wait

become terribly impatient. i love annihilation time and jay reatard. heres a drawing i did at el cajon. i like it

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