peter lorre is god

this is a really late update but heres a dialog test for my character animation class. this isnt the final, and theres more tweaks i need to do with the mouth. so far im pretty happy with how far i took it. id love any comments or critiques from any weary wanderer. also its not suppose to be that dark but thats youtube for yah!

update!..im just getting giddy on how this is looking..the animation came out alright but ive been going crazy about the composition and mood of the shot. haha im more proud of that than the animation. heres a little sneak peek..off to render!


Blogger flaakmonkey said...

nice animation dude, i always knew you were talented but you still seem to surprise me.

1:59 PM  
Blogger maiko nishikawa said...

i love the lighting! so awesome. You're def gonna be an awesome animator. Keep up the good stuff!

10:07 AM  

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