turning blue.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! schools drawing to a close. i havent been doing anything really job wise. i have a lot of stuff on my mind right now, and lately ive just been doing some digital paintings to really clear my head. its going ok. id love to take up plein air painting. oil paints and everything else is quite pricey. hella belated bday present???? lollerskates. well once i scrounge up some money, maybe. for now my computer is fine. for anyone who goes on here try to guess who the bottom guy is. no one will get it cuz its a really bad rendition.



hey friends, its been a while. i dont feel like typing though so ill leave you with this little number. is it done? i think im done.


huh.. :/

well its been a while. school is coming to an end and us graduates have to go through some crazy crap one of them being the dreaded grad fest!!. heres a picture illustrating my experience! for funsies.

natecrest oiut.



well..here i am again. ugh.


hardcore powerhouses

government warning

career suicide

i need to see both of these bands before i die


doo dooo do do dododo do do dooo

music should always be this fun.


the vicious

my new favorite band. some good ole fashion Swedish punk rawk.